Mold testing is an investigative process that, depending on the mold signs and symptoms you are experiencing, can become invasive.

Mold in your home or place of business is sometimes easily  identified and can also be hidden from plain view.  The type of testing Atlantic Corp. conducts will be dictated by what signs and symptoms you report and based on our assessment and visual inspection.

Types of Mold Testing We Perform

  • Bulk testing – cuts away a portion of drywall, insulation or other building surface for lab testing
  • Lift tape – similar to the kind you’ve seen on CSI to lift fingerprints, is used on areas where the surface cannot be cut away for testing – such as furniture. This type of test can also be helpful to identify the presence of residual mold following a mold remediation process
  • Swab Test – also similar to what you seen on CSI. A swab is used to gather a surface sampling which is then sent to a lab for analysis.

Mold Test Results

In general, testing results can take 6-9 days to complete. Reports are sent by email, but hard copies are also available upon request. If mold is found in your home or office building, the lab reports are accompanied by a ‘Remediation Protocol’ – which is our professional recommendations on how to correct a mold problem with an outline of the anticipated costs of the remediation plan.

Atlantic Corp.’s Experts provides consultation to real estate agents and homeowners too!

If  you have received a mold inspection or mold test report from another provider and you need help interpreting the findings, our experts are available to help you understand those findings.

You should know: it is not uncommon for one environmental services company to perform the testing of your building and another to undertake the remediation plan. Why is that?  Well, very simply  performing both functions could create a conflict of interest for a less reputable firm than ours.

We have been honored by many clients who have asked our mold experts to perform multiple services in their home or office and we appreciate the trust they have shown in us.  Never-the-less, we want you to know you may hire us for only a focused part of your mold inspection, testing, or remediation needs. If you are interested, you can read our professional code of ethics on the About Us page.

To learn about our mold testing fees or to schedule a mold test in your home or business  call us at 919-832-8151 or contact  Atlantic Corp. by email.