Residential Real Estate Mold Inspections

Before you buy or sell a home fully investigate the presence of  mold or the prospect of mold developing. Atlantic Corp. is a certified mold inspector serving both Realtors and home owners in central North Carolina. Our thorough inspection process and detailed written report can provide you with the confidence you need when considering a major life purchase.  As a result of our services you will know if your building receives a ‘clean bill of health’ or if mold is present, you’ll receive a detailed plan outlining the process and related expenses for resolving the mold issues identified.

Goals of a Real Estate Mold Inspection

  • Identify visible fungal growth
  • Identify visible signs of water intrusion
  • Inspect HVAC unit and condenser for signs of mold and check temperature differential

This visual inspection of the home interior, exterior, crawlspace, and attic requires approximately to 2-3 hours to complete. Following the mold inspection you will receive a written report of findings and remission protocol when appropriate.

Atlantic Corp.’s Experts provides consultation to real estate agents and homeowners too!

If  you have received a mold inspection or mold test report from another provider and you need help interpreting the findings, our experts are available to help you understand those findings.

Learn more about our real estate mold inspection fees or to schedule an inspection call us at 919-832-8151 or contact us today!