You’ve got mold in your home or workplace and you need to hire a mold remediation company. Chances are good you’ve never done that before.

So how do you navigate through this overwhelming experience? Ask questions…lots of them and verify the information. Just because someone advertises themselves as a mold remediator doesn’t guarantee that they actually know what they are doing. Some contractors know just enough to make them appear like experts. While their heart may be in the right place, you don’t want to pay for inexperience.

Here Are 10 Questions To Ask A Mold Remediation Company

  1. Get multiple estimates and compare services. Inquire why some companies would recommend one procedure or option, and another may not. Also, rule #1… are they properly addressing the moisture issue and/or water intrusion from the get go? That’s key…. If that isn’t remedied, it will just return.
  2. How many actual remediations has the company performed? This is very important. Be cautious of someone who may have added mold abatement as an additional service to their existing company. Certifications are one thing, experience is another. Ask for personal referrals. Ask the referrals specific questions about the remediation project and their relationship with the contractor.
  3. Check on certifications and ask for credible references. Study their website and see what kind of information is provided.
  4. Inquire about insurance. This is a big one. They need to have the proper insurance and you need to meet certain requirements to even obtain environmental coverage.
  5. What happens if the issue comes back? Is there a guarantee or warranty with the work? A guarantee is ONLY as good at the company behind it.
  6. Once you feel confident and select a company, ask what kind of contract they have. As we mentioned before, sometimes remediation can be costly and it’s usually not something most people are prepared for. You do not want to get into a situation where you have paid for a job that isn’t complete, was done unprofessionally, or even worse- a new issue has been created that they can’t fix.
  7. Ask what kind of methods and chemicals are used to remove the mold. According to the EPA, there is not a product that you can spray on a surface and the mold disappears. It has to be physically removed from what it’s attached to. There are several industry methods and they can vary depending on each situation. Bleach is never ever used in mold remediation. Only antimicrobial and fungicide products should be applied.
  8. Can you reach out to other experts? A competent mold remeditor knows areas that outside of their own limitations. For example if an issue is stemming from an HVAC system that is not running properly, oversized etc. then they need to recommend a licensed professional in that field.
  9. Do they recommend having an additional company perform post testing after remediation if applicable? It is not uncommon for one environmental services company to perform testing and another to undertake the remediation plan. Performing both functions could create a conflict of interest.
  10. Are they capable and familiar with insurance companies and claims if that is the route is even an option for the client/homeowner?

In the event that you discover a mold/fungus issue, the best part is it’s always fixable as long you hire the right company. Whether you have water intrusion, high humidity, visible growth, it can all be addressed and properly corrected.

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