Mold Needs Moisture to Grow

Like all organisms, moisture is essential for mold to live and grow. If your home has experienced water intrusion by a flood, water pipe failure, or other calamity, chance are good mold will not be far behind.

Atlantic Corp.’s staff are trained water intrusion specialists.

Identifying and resolving water intrusion problems around your home or business will help ensure the health and long life of your building.

Common Causes of Water Intrusion

  • Damaged roof or improperly laid shingles
  • Severe weather such as hurricanes or floods
  • Improper grading around the property
  • Rotten Wood
  • Water and/or sewer pipe damage

Atlantic Corp. will help you identify and effectively reverse water intrusion issues in your home or place of work.  Contact our team of specialists today at 919-832-8151 or contact us today!.