About Us

Stephen and Danyelle Holland are the technical directors and owners of Atlantic Corp. Stephen was born in the” old Rex ” Hospital and has lived in Wake County most of his life. Danyelle is a native of New York, from Long Island. They’ve been committed to their community through business, family and volunteer efforts. Stephen has actively volunteered to coach countless youth sports teams. Danyelle very actively empowers women owned businesses through mentorship and various business groups. Together they have two children and one big fur baby.

Danyelle and Stephen are both lifetime learners who continuously engage with peer groups and continuing education in order to provide an outstanding and seamless customer/client experience. Atlantic Corp began way back in 2005 making them quite literally the pioneers of as well as one of the leading mold remediation experts of the entire region.

Atlantic Corp.’s Promise to its customers:

To promote and protect the Mold Detection and Remediation Industry and ensure our clients receive top-notch, professional services Atlantic Corp. upholds the following Standards for Conduct and Ethics as established by NAMP:

  • The Mold Professional shall uphold the honor and dignity of this profession and avoid association with any enterprise of questionable character or apparent conflict of interest.
  • The Mold Professional shall protect and promote the interests of the client to the best of the Mold Professional’s ability and knowledge, recognizing that the client has placed its trust and confidence in the Mold Professional.
  • The Mold Professional shall always endeavor to maintain and increase his/her level of knowledge regarding new developments in the field.
  • The Mold Professional shall conduct his/her business in a manner that will assure the client of the Mold Professional’s independence from outside influence and interest, which would compromise the Mold Professional’s ability to render a fair and impartial opinion, regarding any inspection performed.
  • The Mold Professional shall not accept compensation from more than one interested party for the same service on the same property without the consent of all interested parties.
  • The Mold Professional shall promptly disclose to the client any interest in any other business which may effect the client, the quality, or the result of the inspection or remediation.
  • The Mold Professional shall not knowingly use the inspection or remediation process to obtain work in another field.
  • The Mold Professional shall make every effort to uphold, maintain and improve the professional practice, integrity and reputation of The National Association of Mold Professionals.

Our Certifications & Accreditations

Our Registrations:

We are also registered and listed in the Central Contractor Registry, The Army Corp of Engineers Disaster Resource Center, FEMA.gov, Fedbizopps.gov, and the Small Business Administration Database. Atlantic Corp. Inc is also a member of the The Construction Blue Book and registered for all aspects of conducting business in the State of North Carolina, South Carolina, and The Commonwealth of Virginia.